GO to the new home of PrettyGoodPhysics.

 The PGP site is now (& for a heck of a long time) going to be hosted by wikispaces.  There are 2 major reasons

1-we get 2gigs of free memory as a teacher site.

2-there is a quick video that shows how to upload files.

 The new & long-term home is:





13 Responses to “About”

  1. jefwfunk Says:

    Howdy, Paul. Thanks for the invite. Seems i also started a blog when I followed the Link. Not sure if anyone will pot anything at it, but we’ll see. As for my first comment here, looks like we need a PGP Gravitation folder. What do you think?

  2. plulai Says:


    Good idea! I just made one.

    Any thoughts from anyone else?

    Have a good one.


  3. peggybertrand Says:

    Hey Paul,
    Thanks for doing this. We need a fluids folder, I think.

  4. plulai Says:


    Good catch. I just put it up.

    I guess this is probably also a good time to make it clear that we should be able to post physics labs for just about any level on this site. I would not want this site to be JUST for AP Phys B or JUST AP Phys C. I think we can certainly include both ap phys, ib phys, honors phys etc… In my opinion, many conceptual development & guided inquiry labs are appropriate for many levels.

    Thanks again Peggy, Jeff, & others.

    I hope the uploading works well. We’ve got 1GB of space. If we use that up, we are in trouble;)


  5. plulai Says:

    Ralph mentioned that we could also add a spot for graphic organizers. I thought we could grow into additional items like graphic organizers & lecture presentations (pdf’s & ppt). Maybe we just put these items in the same spot that currently exists for the lab materials.

    Thoughts? Here, email or the edg.


  6. derbes Says:

    Hi, Paul.

    Many, many thanks. I have hoped for years that someone would do this, and now you have!
    Where can I put handouts and a PowerPoint thing?

    Best wishes,
    David Derbes
    U of Chicago Lab Schools

  7. plulai Says:

    Hi David,
    Once you are registered and logged in, then you
    1 – go to the page for which you wish to add a file.
    2 – select ‘edit this page’
    3 – go to a clean spot on the page
    4 – add the description for your handouts & ppts
    5 – upload your file. the prompts should lead you through fairly well.

    That should take care of it.

    Good luck! Let me know how it goes.


  8. billt4 Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Someone asked for a Lab on Conical Pendulums – I have one I’d like to post. Where should I post it? It deals with Newton’s Laws – do we need a Newton’s Laws folder?

    Sorry it took me so long to get around to posting things – I took July off to get married.

    – Bill

  9. mariavenditto Says:

    Hi thanks for the invitation to pgp!

  10. plulai Says:

    Bill T helped me re-work the instructions for uploading files. Bill & I think the newest set of instructions are pretty clear.
    Thanks for the help Bill. I’d also like to thank Ralph VP for his help earlier this summer. Thanks again Ralph.


  11. schrod Says:


    This is a great idea! I am sure that I can say for everyone who has been here — THANK YOU!

    Steve Schroeder
    Capital H.S.
    Boise, Idaho

  12. aphysicsteacher Says:

    Hey Paul,

    It may be good to have a measurement folder or other opening activities. Is it possible to cross-list an activity?

  13. Paul Says:

    Hi Aphysicsteacher,

    I hadn’t thought about a measurement / opening activities page. I will try to add that later today. A gentlemen from Pacific College sent me a copy of a lab on error progression. I might put that one in there (more for an ap type class). I’t be nice to see what other folks have.

    Thanks for the idea aphysicsteacher.

    Have a good one.


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